Must have completed year 1 classes


Identity in Christ – Pastor Bonnie Fehlauer
Understand and experience the reality of your identity in Christ and build your inner foundation for a lifetime of service and ministry. Progress in your transformation into the image of Christ through studying the Word of God and engaging in a relationship with the Holy Spirit. You will also gain wisdom for encouraging others in their life in Christ.

God’s Generals: A Study of God’s Revivalists – Pastor Mike Fehlauer
In this class, we will study the faith journeys of some of God’s great revivalists: men like Charles and John Wesley, George Whitefield, William and Catherine Booth, Jonathan Edwards, and more. We will go beyond history, drawing crucial life applications and inspiration from these mighty warriors of faith. Be prepared to discover how to:
– Fulfill God’s call on your life
– Learn how to be used by God to win souls
– Be led by the Spirit of God

Advanced Church Leadership – Pastor Ken Beall
In this course, students will dive deep into church leadership. Students will learn to lead and achieve excellence in leadership through vision, empowerment, and action in a local church setting. This course will outline foundations of leadership, as well as theories and concepts to better understand how leadership affects the Kingdom through the local church, and each student will experience practical opportunities to hone their leadership skills.


Fruits & Gifts of the Spirit– Pastor Zane Sturm
The Fruits of the Spirit, listed in Galatians 5, describe the character and nature of Jesus expressed in the life of a believer. The Gifts of the Spirit, outlined in 1 Corinthians 12, are supernatural tools given to the church by the Holy Spirit, to empower the saints for the work of the ministry.

Spiritual Authority – Bonnie Fehlauer
A study of the various aspects of spiritual authority. Spiritual authority is created by God, challenged by Lucifer, delegated to mankind, stolen by the deceiver, won back and possessed by the Son, and ultimately restored to mankind. Walking out God-created authority in the earth is how the Kingdom of Heaven is made a reality and brings freedom to those yet to be saved. Topics will include: Humility and Pride, Godly Submission, The Armor of God, and Intercession.

Student Ministry GroupsPastor Josiah Fehlauer & Pastor Zane Sturm
Real-life activation and application of our gifts and callings within the South Texas School of Ministry, New Life Church, and Corpus Christi communities.